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Why should you play it?

What is Ascalon?

Ascalon is a long-term project which was in development for a long time. It has been online a couple of times, with every launch going way better than the previous one because the game world was always improving. Ascalon offers unique gameplay, which was polished dozen of times before it came into current state. Server requires a custom client and offers a lot of custom and unique features, most of those were never seen before.


Ascalon has well planned game world with unique style, which makes everyone charmed after first minutes of gaming. Server is adapted to fit both, PvP and PvE players.


Experience rate was carefully adjusted so you won't feel bored due to a lot of grinding but it also won't feel too easy.

Easy to start

Even though our server differs greatly from all the other ones, you won't feel lost. It is very easy to just get into the game and start playing and if you have questions you can always ask someone from our staff.


Every donation will be used to pay all of our developers work and to improve the server's game world to keep your gaming stable and interesting.

Unique Features:

Ascalon is a rpg server with a lot of custom features which you won't find anywhere else. From completely custom monsters to unique itemization system, there is a lot waiting for you to discover.

Professional Staff

Our server is developed by experienced and respected team. Everyone from the staff will dedicate all his available time for improving players experience during gaming.